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Established in 1992, Cafatex corp is located in Mekong Delta Western Vietnam, the biggest delta in South East Asia. This Delta has many primary mangrove forests that are situated on the shores of the ...

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Cafatex Corporation

Established in 1992, Cafatex corp is located in Mekong Delta Western Vietnam, the biggest delta in South East Asia. This Delta has many primary mangrove forests that are situated on the shores of the East sea, They are green and clean and contain abundant aquatic sources that live in a circle of life all year round.The delta provides high quality aquatic products and seafood of large quantity inViet Nam for the world now and in the future.

From this area, mote than 75 percent of shrimp volume and 100 percent of Pangasius (Basa fish) have been exported to overseas. Cafatex Corp is the leader inVietnam for producing, packing and exporting various kinds of value added seafood from 1997.

We run one factory to process Black Tiger shrimp with capacity I0,000MT and another factory to process Pangasius (Basa fish) with capacity 15,000MT per year for finished products to supply to three largest import markets in the world the EU, United States of America and Japan, and more than 40 other countries. Cafatex Corp is a highly professional processor and packer offering perfect export service and constant improvement to ensure supply and quality and meet the changing requirements of customers in each individual market.

Cafatex Corp has the best automatic deep freezing systems, cold storage and refrigerated transportation with big capacity and high quality. In addition, Cafatex corp’s laboratory is equipped with modern instruments from Europe, United States and Japan to analyze and test the products after all biological, chemical criteria of EU, also other countries’ requirements. With well-trained and skillful 3,000 workers, we have the ability to process, pack and export thousands of tons of finished products with a range of hundreds of value added products that meet the various requirements of many markets.

Especially, we offer many different branded such as:

  • “FRESH & FRESH” branch for Fresh Frozen Products: HOSO, HLSO, Raw PDTail on, Raw PD, Cooked PD Tail on, Cooked PD and Octopus, Scallop, Clam, Babyclam, Cuttlefish...
  • “PANGA SILVER” branch for Fresh Frozen Pangasius fillet (Basa Fillet).
  • “KITCHEN ONE” branch: Breaded,Tempura, Fritters, Marinated Shrimp, Pangasius (Basa fish) & Scalop, Octopus, Cutterfish...
  • We enjoy and annual turnover of USD 70-80 million and plan to increase USD100 millions in 2005, and USDI5O-200 millions by the year 2010.

We are supplying to the world market all the specially fresh and clean products that have been carefully collected and are absolutely safe and hygienic to enjoy.

We are trying to give consumers the chance to test ands taste many special frozen seafood products processed and packed from Viet Nam with the artful way of developing and processing just right for the world consumers.

We call this Cafatex Eat Art!! The art to enjoy seafood.

Most of the modern quality control methods used in the world is also applied in Cafatex Corp early and effectively since years. Cafatex Corp continually improves this stringent control and has been already approved by many quality control and hygiene auditing Organizations of Viet Nam, Australia, United Kingdom, and Switzerland. Cafatex installed HACCP, ISO 9001/2000, SQF and BRC certificates. Moreover, the EU Authority has approved the EU code DL65, DL 365 for Cafatex Corp.

Please contact:
Office: KM 2081 - Nation Rd. No. 1A, Chau Thanh A Dist. Hau Giang Province Vietnam
Tel: 84 (710) 384 6134 (6 lines) - Fax: 84 (710) 3846 728 / 3847 775
Email: mk@cafatex.com.vn - Website: www.cafatex.info

Nguyen Van Kich
Chaiman / General Director



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Tỉnh / thành phố : Hậu Giang.
Địa chỉ : KM 2081 - Nation Rd. No.1A Chau Thanh A Dist. Hau Giang Provice - Vietnam
Email : mk@cafatex.com.vn
Ngày đăng : 22/01/2014
Ngày cập nhật : 22/01/2014